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" What does MY Cholestrol / Cholesterol mean? "

What Does My Cholesterol Mean? No.: 4.

My cholesterol result was 268
triglyceride was 109
direct hdl cholesterol was 57
direct ldl cholesterol was 191

Answers to cholesterol question 4:

Total blood cholesterol of 268 is high risk, 109 triglycerides is of no real concern, 57 hdl cholesterol is reasonable, but the ldl cholesterol of 191 was very high.

Essentially you have high blood cholesterol because of elevated ldl bad cholesterol. If you look at our cholesterol picture you can see the white cholesterol fat your heart and arteries are trying to pump round your body. Scary, isn't it? Imagine how soon your car would break down if it had to pump that stuff round the through the car radiator system. Now, in a way the high ldl cholesterol is a simple problem you have, which is NOT compounded with tryglceride problems or too little hdl cholesterol, so all you have to work out is how to lower that ldl level.

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This whole web site is very much about lowering ldl cholesterol. To start, I would suggest reading the essential cholesterol information to understand the problem, definition, standard intervention and so on. Next I would read the cholesterol information on lowering cholesterol naturally to work out which foods, herbs and spices you would like to increase in your diet to help lower that ldl cholesterol. From there I would go to the Cholesterol sample diet and see how I succeeded and make this the base to work from. Next I would go to to the Cholesterol menu / meal planner and choose from the meals / foods there, adding of course those foods, herbs and spices to your meals that you selected earlier. For foods that aren't on the menu, I would then consult the Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Chart to see if the food is safe or not from a cholesterol perspective. Working out which and how much of a food is safe or dangerous from a cholesterol perspective may appear daunting, but from reading the pages so far and using our saturated fat calculator which provides guidelines for how much saturated fat and so on is safe for your level of weight, you can then work out whether the food you are looking at is suitable or not, or in what quantity it is safe or unsafe for you personally. Then I would read all the other pages. For example, including our Weight Loss and exercise information , if being over weight is one of the causes of the high ldl cholesterol.

What Does My Cholesterol Mean? No.: 5.

Dear Sir,
my Sr.cholesterol is 247mg/dl
Sr.triglycerides is 150/dl
HDL 53/dl
LDL 164/dl
What do you think about the results?
I am taking prescribed medicine, but I would like to lower my cholesterol and weight using natural means.
What is the effect of cheese on cholesterol?

Waiting for your reply.

Answers to cholesterol question 5:

A total blood cholesterol reading of 247 mg/dl places you in the high risk category.

Triglycerides reading of 150/dl is slightly elevated.

HDL cholesterol @ 53/dl is adequate.

LDL 164/dl is high - but how risky is also dependent on your cardiovascular risk factors.

Ok, on the prescribed medicine side of things, assuming you were taking it for some weeks at the very least before the blood test, it would appear that you need to go back to your doctor and get the level or medication changed. The readings do not appear to show your cholesterol to be sufficiently controlled when the blood tests were taken.

Your big job appears to be to get the medication sorted out better with your doctor.

In terms of diet, you can help the medication along, which is what most doctors suggest you do, by eating a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fats and by including foods/drinks that are known to lower cholesterol naturally.

In terms of where to start, the Answers to cholesterol question 4 appear suitable for you, your total blood cholesterol, ldl, hdl and triglycerides readings are very similar and I would make the same suggestions for you.

In relation to cheese, it is a controversial food in relation to the bad ldl cholesterol. Research appears to be saying that, at least in moderation, the consumption of cheese has little impact on ldl levels. It's controversial because cheese, being loaded with saturated fat, should push the ldl levels up quite high. My way of dealing with my liking for cheese and the controversial nature of it, is to consume the low fat / reduced fat types of cheese.

Hope this help and please let us all now how you get on.

Thank you,


What Does My Cholesterol Mean? No.: 6.

Dear Sirs,
Ive been looking at your web page here in the U.K and have recently had a cholesterol test which came out at 6.3.

I am 47 years old,a non smoker who eats sensibly with fruit and vegetables featured in my diet; I do not drink much either.

My nurse has said that because of my healthy lifestyle and there being no history of high cholesterol or heart problems in my near family that I am not at risk overly and do not really need medication.

Could you please give me your opinion and explain what the numbers mean- Im told that the numbers are "in my favour"

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Answers to cholesterol question 6:

Cholesterol test score of 6.3 likely refers to your total blood cholesterol, though it may refer to just your cholesterol ldl level.

Either way, it looks like you have a cholesterol problem that needs to be taken seriously and worked on NOW.

The feeling I get is that it's your total blood cholesterol, which would rate on this figure as being high risk for developing life threatening conditions, such as cardiovascular disease. If it was your ldl reading, which is the bad cholesterol, the reading would be extremely high and worrying and should be picked up by a nurse immediately as "dangerous, do something now."

To say the numbers are in your favour is unclear to me as to what was being meant, she may have been referring to life style factors or to hdl cholesterol or to the cholesterol ratio.

Anyway, bottom line is, I feel it is a good idea to seek out doctor's interpretation of scores - certainly I would be worried by them. The links that help you best on my web site, are those given for Cholesterol answers No. 4 above. Remember, untreated, cholesterol can and does kill people.

All the best,


What Does My Cholesterol Mean? No.: 7.

Dear Sir

Please let me know which exercise or yoga can reduce the cholesterol level

Answers to cholesterol question 7:

Please see the essential cholesterol information and weight loss exercise pages. The weightloss page also talks about exercise. The main point in trying to lower cholesterol through exercise, is to do physically demanding sports or activities - with doctor's agreement of course. Yoga is Unlikely to assist as well as other activities, as it is a more gentle exercise than what is generally suggested as being required for lowering ldl cholesterol.

Kind regards,


What Does My Cholesterol Mean? No.: 8.


My mother is 60 years old. Her height is 5 feet and weight is 86Kgs.This is her cholesterol report.She is a complete vegeterian with no eggs and fish in her diet

                                  Mom's results            Normal Range

Glucose                           114 mg/dl                   60 - 110

Cholesterol                        283   "                     150- 250

Cholesterol-HDL                     71   "                     35  -120

Cholesterol-LDL                    184   "                     0  - 160

Triglyceride                      204   "                     20 - 190

Uric Acid                         5.8   "                    2.5 - 7.5

MCHC                             30.9   %                      32 - 36
HEMOGLOBIN A1C                    6.2   %                    4.3 - 6.1


TSH           >60.00 ulU/mL                        0.25 -  5
T4 FREE        2.31 pmol/L                            9  - 20
Doctor here, has prescribed ATORVASTATIN 10mg(Chemical name) for cholesterol and Vitamin B: B1 + B6 + B12 and some medicine which she is already taking to dissolve her uric acid.

Could you please let me know how bad her cholesterol report is and what is the immediate action she should take? She has cut down on her oil intake (as in fried foods) and she does go for evening walks and is active at home. But still she is not able to reduce her weight. The doctor has said her thyroid is probably not working due to which her entire body metabolism has come down, due to which she is not able to loose weight and her sugar and cholesterol level are also up.

She will be getting her thyroid test done by a specialist soon

Please let me know, what is to be done soon. THANKS A MILLION !!!!


Answers to cholesterol question 8:

The cholesterol readings are high risk or worse. If she is a complete vegetarian, then you may need to check her foods for saturated fat and cholesterol content. For example, coconut is bad news for a cholesterol sufferer because of high saturated fat. Also, check out our cholesterol chart and do check out the food labels on the food she is eating, to make sure nothing bad cholesterol or saturated fat wise is coming into her diet. For example, banana chips are often prepared in high saturated fat and are cholesterol dangerous as a result, even though bananas of themselves are essentially fine to eat.

The triglycerides are also high, but the hdl level appears high enough to protect your mother from them.

The BMI calculator clearly shows obesity, but your doctor is correct, in that, if the thyroid is dysfunctional obesity may be a symptom of it. If the weight problem remains after the thyroid is fixed up, then you may like to check out our weight loss pages, as indicated in 7 above.

If your doctor has determined that the results are the symptoms of a thyroid dysfunction, then correcting the thyroid dysfunction should be benefical and crucial.

Normally high cholesterol has to be around for a while before it becomes lethal or damaging. So if these are new results that haven't been found before, then the cholesterol issue may not be so bad - but it still needs to be monitored by a doctor to make sure the cholesterol goes down when the thyroid is corrected. Certainly the use of medication suggests the doctor is taking the symptom of cholesterol very seriously. Please remember to check with her doctor about any dietary changes you are going to make just in case it may make things worse - Not only is there the cholesterol to worry about, but the thyroid as well. Sometimes helping out one problem may aggravate another if we are not careful in what we do.

Kind regards,


What Does My Cholesterol Mean? No.: 9.

Hi, and thank you in advance.
I am a 64 year old female, 5 foot 3 and weighing too much ie. 72 kilos. Intend going on your diet ideas as all the rest have failed. Exercise moderately due to ill health but will also put more of your ideas into practice.
Diet is very healthy, wholegrains, veg plenty, and rice bran oil and coconut oil.(would like your feedback on the coconut oil issue as it relates to cholesterol). No alcohol or cigarettes. Early heart problems not in family Mum living into 90s and Dad into 80s.
Was a bit disappointed with results. Doctor just advised improving diet.
Cholesterol 6.0
Triglycerides 1.45
HDL 1.7
LDL 3.6
Total RATIO 3.5:1

Would love your comments. Kind regards to you.

Answers to cholesterol question 9:

Cholesterol of 6.0 is high risk for coronary or cardiac disease.

1.45 for triglycerides is normal.

HDL is really good and offers some added protection against cholesterol induced cardiac disease.

LDL is borderline.

Cholesterol ratio is excellent.

Obviously, your cholesterol is looking pretty good. The drawback is the slightly elevated ldl or bad cholesterol. If you visit our Cholesterol Chart , you will find, as I did, that coconut oil isn't listed, but coconut is and has lots of saturated fat. Searching the internet for the relationship between coconut oil and cholesterol found a bunch of commercial type sites often denying that coconut affects cholesterol adversely, but the medical and government sites were clearly stating that palm oil and coconut oil did elevate cholesterol. On looking at some research studies on cholesterol and saturated fat - such as www.jacn.org/cgi/content/full/22/1/52 which was carried out in 2003 - it appears that coconut oil increases the bad ldl cholesterol, lowers the good hdl cholesterol and contributes to weight gain and atherosclerosis ( cardiac disease ). My interpretation is that coconut oil should be avoided when high cholesterol, above average weight or cardiac disease is present.

That's my suggestions on the topic of coconut oil and cholesterol. I feel that your bad cholesterol may decrease and your good cholesterol may increase, if you drop the coconut oil. Hope that helps. Given that you mention other health problems, you may need to see if something else can be used that will achieve the same health effects as the coconut oil supposedly did.

All the best and please let me know how things turn out.


What Does My Cholesterol Mean? No.: 10.

I am responding to the cholesterol program I found on google.
      I am 75 and in normal health(I thought) Weight 205 - Height 5 ft 10.
My Total cholesterol is 95.
My LDL cholesterol is 54.
My HDL cholesterol is 30.
Total Triglyceride 73.
My M.D. is concerned of my LDL cholesterol. Recommended a mininum of 45.
Any recommendations?


Answers to cholesterol question 10:

Very interesting readings, I assume they are mg/dL cholesterol measurements. Most of the cholesterol readings are very healthy by modern medical standards, if not too healthy perhaps for my liking. Using our Professional BMI CALCULATOR I find that, for a male, you are obese and that this places you at risk of developing a variety of health problems, including health problems related to heart and cardiovascular system, including stroke and, given your age, dementia may be be brought on by the obesity. I am dumbfounded as to why so many of the cholesterol readings are so low, when they should be much higher. Very good genes, perhaps, for keeping the cholesterol under control? Anyway, the doctor appears right about the hdl cholesterol being too low, though the cholesterol ratio is 3.17 : 1, which is close to being perfect! In other words the relative concentrations of good and bad cholesterol is very good. The reading of 30 for the hdl cholesterol traditionally suggests you are at risk of coronary heart disease, but all your readings for cholesterol and triglycerides are about half of what one would expect them to be. Bottom line, yes, if you go through my web site you may be able to increase your hdl cholesterol to what is normal for the population, but I think a heart specialist may be a preferred option. Are you on cholesterol medication? If so, it may be worthwhile going back to discuss this in greater detail with your doctor, to see if the cholesterol medication needs to be altered in doseage or frequency or a different cholesterol medication tried.

I'm not use to cholesterol readings being this low, that could be because I deal with people who have high cholesterol problems, so don't get too alarmed by what I've said above. However, I would really love you to get back to me and let me know what gets sorted out. If you need more cholesterol information from me, please feel free to ask.

Kind regards,


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