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What is High Cholesterol?

If you check with our cholesterol level tables, we find that high cholesterol is defined as a cholesterol reading:

LDL cholesterol level above 130 mg/dL (3.33 mmol/l) is above the normal range and should be treated as for high cholesterol.

Total blood cholesterol level above 200 mg/dL (5.13 mmol/l) is above the normal limits and should be treated as for high cholesterol.

One can also be considered to have high cholesterol if one's cholesterol ratio is too high. In other words, even though your cholesterol levels may be low, if there is too much LDL cholesterol in comparison to HDL cholesterol, you are believed to have a high cholesterol problem still!

These cholesterol levels appear to have been found to constitute high cholesterol through out the human population, whether in Italy, France, UK, Australia, Amrerica ...

If your readings are above these, you have high cholesterol levels that need to be controlled - you have the high cholesterol risk factors and the longer the cholesterol readings stay higher than normal the higher your risk of stroke is likely to be.

What does high cholesterol in the blood stream actually do?

High cholesterol becomes more and more dangerous the longer it remains high. 

This is because the high cholesterol sufferer has cholesterol deposits build up on the blood vessel walls.  The longer the high cholesterol is in the blood stream, the worse the build up of cholesterol deposits through out the body. 

In other words, a person with high cholesterol is much more likely to have narrowed areas in their blood vessels - such as in the arteries - with resultant drops in blood flow through the vessels, which in turn can cause the high cholesterol sufferer to experience lower energy levels, lack of strength and so on.

This cholesterol build up on artery and other blood vessel walls, caused by long term or chronic high cholesterol, also, in time, has a new inner blood vessel wall grow over the cholesterol deposit, which constricts the blood vessel even further. 


  • What does high cholesterol in the blood stream actually do?
  • The danger of chronic - aka long term - high cholestrol
  • What causes High Cholesterol?
  • High Cholesterol Symptoms
  • What is exactly is High Cholesterol?
  • Can the Risk of High Cholesterol be reversed?
  • How Can you Lower High Cholesterol?

In essence the sufferer has the old blood vessel wall, a build up of cholesterol on at least part of the wall, followed by a new wall which separates the cholesterol from the blood - in essence the cholesterol deposit is sandwhiched between two blood vessel walls.

At this point the high cholesterol has become quite dangerous - high cholesterol may take several years to become this dangerous.


The danger of chronic - aka long term - high cholestrol

Once the cholestrol is grown over, the risk of dangerous blood clots substantially increases at those points where the new growth has occurred over the cholestrol deposits.  This increased risk of stroke is due to the body's naturally healing mechanism.  In Summary:

1... The blood vessel is now much more narrower than it should be.

2... A small tear can occur and is more likely to occur in the new inner blood vessel wall.

3... Clotting agents gather at the tear, producing a normal healing blood clot.

4... The normal size blood clot that forms, however, blocks the blood vessel, because the blood vessel is considerably narrower than what it should be - the high cholesterol deposits and new growth having narrowed it.

5... Any organ or limb etc that was heavily dependent on that blood vessel for blood is now seriously compromised and in jeopardy of dieing.  The effects of such can last you a life time.

As you can see by the above cycle of high cholesterol, it can be highly dangerous, debilitating and life threatening.

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What causes High Cholesterol?

High cholesterol is caused by four main things:

1... Genetics - you may be naturally prone to having high cholesterol and will posibly need cholesterol lowering drugs or try out alternative cholesterol supplements.

2... Lack of Exercise - the body requires about 30 minutes of solid walking each day - about 5 kms, 2.5 miles, 10,000 steps.  Lack of exercise is a leading cause of high cholesterol and is a life style issue.

3... Diet can easily cause high cholesterol as well.  If you consume high cholesterol foods and drinks, or consume products high in animal or saturated fats, you are much more likely to have high cholesterol problems.

4... Overweight / obesity is also a leading cause of high cholesterol.

Often 2, 3 and 4 go together, being a lifestyle thing, in causing high cholesterol.  Attending to these life style areas can often lead to substantially lower cholesterol within a few weeks, but more likely months.


High Cholesterol Symptoms

High cholesterol symptoms can include many different and varied symptoms, depending very much on where the stroke or strokes occur and how much of the blood vessel is narrowed.  You can have a stroke in your foot caused by high cholesterol, even blindness can be a symptom / side effect of high cholesterol.  It all depends on what part of your body is affected by the reduced blood flow or clot.

There is one visible high cholesterol symptom that you may be able to see in your self - tiny yellow lumps, a picture is included.

Can the Risk of High Cholesterol be reversed?

The high cholesterol risk factors can be reduced by lowering the cholesterol in your blood stream to normal or better.

  Even the blood vessel walls will become larger again when the high cholesterol is taken out of the blood stream.  The cholesterol deposits on the blood vessel walls, even those that have been overgrown by a new wall, will reduce substantially over a year - by up to about 30% a year, causing the blood vessel to be less narrower, with normal size attained in about four years or so.

What's more, your risk of stroke also greatly diminishes over the first year of being high cholesterol free and can continue to decline in subsequent years.

Further, if you increase HDL cholesterol, the risk from high cholesterol is reduced even further.

For some proven performers, our reduce cholesterol and lower cholesterol naturally pages may be quite helpful.


How Can you Lower High Cholesterol?

This whole web site is about understanding and controlling high cholesterol.  Use the navigation bar on the left, work through all the pages.  Adjust your diet, exercise and so on to attain relief from high cholesterol or to hopefully control it better.


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