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Cholesterol levels managed without harsh drugs.

Lower cholesterol naturally with low cholesterol foods

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Donald Urquhart,(BA & DipAppPsy), Fully Registered Psychologist. A past cholesterol sufferer.

Dr James Hogg, (BSc Oxon, MBBS & BA Hons), Medical Doctor, experienced and trained. A great addition to www.CholesterolCholestrol.com
Michael T. Sapko, M.D., Ph.D.,Trained as a Doctor, but preferred writing more. Excellent that he chose to write for www.CholesterolCholestrol.com too!
Loni Ice, (CphT), Certified Pharmacy Technician - the one behind the counter you ask for help from with your cholesterol medication and drugs. Strong interest in healing herbs.
Chris Urquhart, Student, studying for a social work degree. Has a passion for medical and veterinarian history and provides back up support. Not yet qualified to write for CholesterolCholestrol.com, but very useful indeed.
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Our Calorie Calculator, Ideal Weight Calculator, Saturated Fat Calculator, may be quite useful for those wanting to lose weight or work out their low cholesterol diet requirments.


It provides you with - in both metric and imperial measures - your healthy maximum weight, healthy minimum weight, maximum daily calorie intake, maximum daily fat intake, maximum daily saturated fat intake etc etc.

Working out your ideal weight, desired maximum daily calories, saturated fat intake and so on, is a very time consuming business, so my son and I developed and copyrighted this calorie calculator, saturated fat intake calculator, fat intake estimator, healthy ideal weight calculator, etc which we combined into one single super calculator which is free for you to use while you are on our website.

Here it is:


Height (cm)
Height (feet) (inches)

Male   Female
  18 - 35  
  36 - 55  

Activity Level
Inactive - Eg: Sitting at the computer to work and then going home to watch tv.
- Eg: Sports person, brick layer

Based on your responses above, our suggestions will appear in the ANSWER boxes below:


Minimum healthy weight (pounds): TO :Maximum healthy weight (pounds)

Minimum daily calorie intake: TO :Maximum daily calorie intake

Minimum daily saturated fat intake(ounces): TO :Maximum daily saturated fat intake(ounces)

Minimum daily unsaturated fat intake(ounces): TO :Maximum daily unsaturated fat intake(ounces)

Minimum daily fat intake (ounces): TO :Maximum daily fat intake (ounces)


Minimum healthy weight (kilograms): TO :Maximum healthy weight (kilograms)

Minimum daily kilojoule intake: TO :Maximum daily kilojoule intake

Minimum daily saturated fat intake (grams): TO :Maximum daily saturated fat intake (grams)

Minimum daily unsaturated fat intake (grams): TO :Maximum daily unsaturated fat intake (grams)

Minimum daily fat intake (grams): TO :Maximum daily fat intake (grams)


Due to individual differences, the calories and so on determined here may be a little different to your needs and circumstance - climate you live in etc.

It is, however, a reasonably accurate starting point for you to work from, in bringing your cholesterol and or weight under control.

It is important to note that fat is important in the diet, it has been suggested in the medical circle that too little fat in the diet may lead to problems in the brain in years to come.

Although we include a classification for minimum saturated fat, it is not clear if the minimum may actually be even lower.

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