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Cure Diabetes

Yes, the vast majority of us can cure diabetes. In fact, the diabetes cure is so simple and straightforward, that you would think more people would be espousing such a cure for such a common malody. Especially as the cure for diabetes is just reducing your calorie intake, losing weight and getting exercise!

What could be a more natural diabetes cure or treatment?

So read on - the information on how to cure diabetes here is free - so nothing to lose.

It is important to first understand that there are three types of diabetes, and here are their defintions:

  • The first type is type 1, or early onset diabetes - This type of diabetes is considered permanent at the moment, and about 5% of diabetics are this type - believed to be genetic - starts in childhood, early adult hood, not related to being overweight.
  • Type 2 - late onset diabetes - accounts for about 90 to 95% of diabetics - occurs late in life and the person is normally overweight and does little exercise.
  • Then there is gestational diabetes - diabetes that occurs with some pregnancies - maybe accounts for 5% of diabetics - reverses after the pregnancy finishes - mothers that have had gestational diabetes, can devlop type 2 diabetes several years later.

The diabetes cure we are presenting is for type 2 diabetes.

Obviously you would not alter your diet when pregnant to lose weight unless your doctor endorsed it, and there is no research that I know of that purports a cure for gestational diabetes.

Diabetics that are type 1, may strongly benefit from an extremely controlled diet, much more controlled than what is needed for type 2 diabetics - but the diet and exercise that a type 1 diabetic should follow wont cure their diabetes, but such diet and exercise minimizes their risks and improves their physical quality of life.

You read it right,cure diabetes, type 2, with nothing more than diet and exercise! So why, if the diabetes cure is so simple, are people injecting insulin and popping pills?


Diabetes, and how to cure diabetes, is little understood.

Even now, 2009, the inherent belief is that insulin resistance - diabetes - is incurable.

However, type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder, part of the metabolic syndrome group, same as cholesterol, and like cholesterol and others of the metabolic syndrome aka syndrome x group, is caused by poor diet and little exercise. So why shouldn't a diabetes cure, like high cholesterol, be diet and exercise based?


Not convinced that type 2 diabetes is curable?

Researchers have been finding out much more about diabetes cures since the early 1980's.

RJ Barnard, L Lattimore, RG Holly, S Cherny and N Pritikin, "Response of non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients to an intensive program of diet and exercise", Diabetes Care, Vol 5, Issue 4 370-374, 1982. They found that the Pritikin program of diet and exercise worked in curing type 2 diabetics in just 26 days! 21 of the 23 on oral hypoglycemic agents were cured of diabetes, while 13 of the 17 on insulin injections were cured of diabetes, with 2 of the 4 on insulin injections who were not cured having their insulin medication reduced by half. On average, diabetics also lost about 1kg of body mass per week.

Francesco Rubino, MD* and Michel Gagner, MD, FACS, FRCSC, "Potential of Surgery for Curing Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus", Annals of Surgery, Volume 249, Number 2, circa 2002/2003. They found that diabetes was cured in patients that underwent gastric bypass surgery. They conjectured that the gut must be producing a hormone that causes insulin resistance. That such surgery bypassed the organ of the gut that produces the hormone. They also argued that although these surgeries were to treat obesity, it wasn't the weight loss that caused the diabetes cure, as the diabetes cured too fast. [It's important to realize here as well, that what that surgery for obesity does, is cut down the amount of food being eaten immediately and considerably].

Sharon Worcester, "Bariatric surgery can cure diabetes in the obese: early surgery best.", Internal Medicine News, 15-JUL-03. Reported on a study of 240 type 2 diabetics who had gastrtic bypass surgery. Dr. Schauer who lead the diabetes study said the diabetes cure rate is 95% for those who had diabetes for less than 5 years, dropping to 54% for those who had diabetes for more than 10 years.

On 30 August 2007, The Guardian newspaper published an article called "Gastric surgery could cure type 2 diabetes". The important point about this article was that Iain Frame, head of research, Diabetes UK, stated no one knew why the gastirc bypass surgery cured diabetes, but thought the explanation lay in the food intake being restricted to normal levels. The article also mentioned that up to 98% of diabetics had their diabetes cured within weeks following such surgery, but that that surgery also killed about 3.3% of those undergoing it.

Of course, it's best to remember that these operations and diets for curing diabetes are not trying to starve your body to death, they are tyring to reduce your high calorie intake to a lower calorie one that is consistent with your lifestyle needs.

Finally, on an Australian TV series called the "BIggest Loser", in which contestants compete to lose the most amount of body weight, one of their contestants had type 2 diabetes, and was also cured of his diabetes by the diet and exercise program the TV show places upon them.


Why are the findings for a diabetes cure revolving around drastic calorie reductions (fast weight loss) - A theory I propose

Man evolved to withstand periods of famine. Hence most of us have a strong urge to eat and an urge to to do the least work possible - to increase the body's weight when times are good by consuming more food and conserving energy.

However, historically, the body would then be confronted with periods of starvation times - floods, droughts, fires, wars that destroyed or greatly reduced the available food.

Hence our species adapted to experience plenty and starvation through out an individuals life cycle. My educated guess is, that the body - as a species - created a response to deal with starvation times - sudden periods of marked food reduction resulting in FAST weight loss - and that that response somehow counteracts and cures diabetes.


Conclusion: Diabetes is Curable

As can be seen from the above research, diabetes is curable.

Diabetes is curable within days or weeks of restricting calorie intake to within normal levels.

Your chance of curing diabetes type 2 is 95% if you have had it for less than 5 years, and there is a diabetes cure rate of 54% if you have had diabetes for more than ten years. As a guess estimate, the diabetes cure rate may be about 75% if you have had diabetes for 5 to 10 years.

So when you decide not to cure diabetes, not to reduce calorie intake to normal for your life style, then the chances of recovering from it become less as the years progress.

Of course, exercise can help to reduce weight, help defeat and cure diabetes, by increasing the daily calorie amount you use. However, there is no defintive proof that you have to exercise more to cure diabetes. Diabetes cure seems very much a calorie controlled diet / treatment, one that achieves about a 1% reduction in body weight each week.

Of course, you may also be one of those people that just prefer to pop a pill or take an injection for your diabetes, and don't really want to cure your diabetes if it means diet and exercise. What can I say, it's a free society, but even controlled diabetes has risks - be educated - certainly, the earlier you control it, the less problematic it is for your health.


Author: Donald Urquhart, BA, DipAppPsy, Psychologist, 2009.


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