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Families often share the same life style, so it's common to find several family members suffering with high cholesterol - Pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant need to take care with cholesterol drugs - changing your diet and lifestyle often helps to normalise your cholesterol levels.
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Lower cholesterol naturally with low cholesterol foods

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Low cholesterol, Low calorie, Low saturated fat, Diet, VANILLA MILKSHAKE RECIPE

Low cholesterol, lof fat, skim milk milkshakes, are a big part of my diet. One, because the skim milk is much lower in calories, has no fat - unless it's a weird skim milk - and no cholesterol. Secondly, skim milk helps to correct cholesterol levels. Thirdly, by frothing it up, it becomes much more filling.

TIP: To make a really nice low cholesterol milkshake, the trick is to mix a little longer than usual, to make it become a very thick, almost marshmellow, consistency - you'll understand this better as you go along. If you are using an electric milkshake maker, watch the top of the milkshake, it's normally at the real nice stage when the top, for the most part, isn't moving. Believe it or not, I find these low fat, low cholesterol milkshakes to be much nicer than the ones you make with normal milk. These low cholesterol milkshakes really froth well.

1 cup cold skim milk
1 or 2 teaspoons vanilla essence
1 or 2 artificial sweetner tablet, like Nutrasweet.

Place in milk shake electric mixer or blender. When fully frothed, the milk shake will be about 2 cups worth
Serves 1.

Food Table per Serving:

Low Calories: 110

Fat free

Cholesterol free

Saturated fat free

(Normal MilkShake: cholesterol 30 mg, Saturated fat 5.8 gm, 230 Calories)

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