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Need a pace maker? Here is a Cure for an erratic pulse/heart rate

Yes, there is a Cure for an erratic pulse/heart rate that you may want to consider. This tells you how my wife got a cure and avoided the need for a pace maker.


This is the cure for erratic heart rate that someone close to me found by accident

Five prescriptions for Cephalexin 20 capsules - 500mg - dose taken 3 times a day. You will need to use 5 prescriptions over a five week period of continuous use. In the sixth week, drop down to 20 capsules of 250mg strength.

At the end of taking this antibiotic, your heart rate may well be cured.


The Story of her need for a pace maker

Ms X has had a history of chronic illnesses for a long, long time. Night sweats, erratic pulse rate - sometimes it would go so high that she would become seriously unwell and almost faint with it. Other times it would go so slow that she would feel that she was about to die. Most often, the pulse would run around 110. Her other illnesses included chronic fatique syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, wrestless legs syndrome, osteoarthritis, osteoperosis, high blood pressure, and others.

Her doctor said that the only avenue left to control the erratic heart rate was a pace maker, and that the operation would have to be scheduled for it, under a medical specialist of course.

She then came down with a cyst on one of her tooth roots and a minor sinus infection. The tooth required extraction, but living in a country town, it has taken a while for the specialist to fit us in.

A cyst on a tooth is quite difficult to treat - a cyst is an infection, that is surrounded by a harder type shell that it is growing in, so antibiotics have a lot of trouble even to get into the infection within a cyst. As the cyst was causing much pain, the requirement for antibiotics was quite ongoing - six weeks all up.

After the courses of antibiotics came to an end, the doctors started finding that her pulse rate was resuming a normal rate.

She also noticed that her pulse was remaining quite stable with a pulse rate of 81 to 82 beats per minute. The erratic pulse rate had stopped.

Not only that, but her night sweats, that left her garments totally soaked in perspiration stopped as well.


How did this treatment for erratic pulse rate work?

We believe she had an undetectable infection - an infection that did not show up in blood tests nor on examination.

The excessive sweating is certainly strongly suggestive that her body was trying to get rid of something out of her body.

The fact that both the erratic heart rate and sweating stopped with the prolonged use of antibiotics, strongly suggests that the antibiotics killed a bug off.

The other possibility is that the antibiotics did something else - what we don't know - to fix the erratic heart rate.

The last option is that it was just conincidence - but we don't really believe that.


Pace Maker Cure Conclusion

Although Ms. X continues to be quite ill with all her other conditions, we believe the long course of antibiotics killed a bacteria that was causing her pulse to become erratic to the point where a pace maker was needed, and to the point that her body was sweating profusely in an attempt to flush the bacteria out.

When you consider that a prolonged course of antibiotics may save you from undergoing a major operation and leaving you reliant on a machine - the pace maker - to keep you alive, it seems well worthwhile to at least try it.

Certainly from a cost point of view, antibiotics work out a whole lot cheaper than a pace maker operation.

Will this cure for erratic pulse and heart rate work for you? We don't know, but it may be worth a try, don't you think?


Don't want to risk the side effects of harsh medications?

Lipi-Rite may be what you want.

Lipi-Rite is Safe, Natural, and Convenient and

  • Can help support a healthy cholesterol profile

  • And help support cardio-vascular health

Helps regulate and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.


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