High cholesterol can affect anyone, but just about everyone can also learn to control itWithout proper diet and exercise, children are also now coming down with high cholesterolFinding out you suffer from high cholesterol can really stress you out, but relief is at handCholesterol, cholestrol, colesterol - relief and cure from high cholesterol is made easy.Eating cream caused his high cholesterol, but, as soon as he adjusted his diet, his cholesterol returned to normal.
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Exchange Urls / links with www.cholesterolcholestrol.com!

Step 1 - Add www.cholesterolcholestrol.com
to your site!

Add our url, title and link description to your home page or a PROMINENT place on your links page!
Please use the following information to link to us:

Copy and paste this html:

<a href=""></a>

Here's what our link should look like on your site:

Please make sure there are no blank spaces at the end of our url, otherwise our software will not be able to verify your site's link to us.

We also manually review all submissions at random times to verify that your link back is on search engine friendly pages. Link pages hidden from search engines, or using the nofollow command or similar on your reciprocal links, will get your link removed, and your site banned.

Step 2 - Does your Url comply?

Only genuine reciprocal linking is acceptable. Three way linking is definitely a NO. You will not be able to request a link for one domain, yet offer a link back to us from another domain. We believe that search engines, particularly Google, to be much smarter than people realise. Therefore we see 3 way linking as a means to getting one's site banned or penalised. If you do alot of 3 way linking, please don't link with us.

Add url only when your url is topic relevant

We always manually check the added links for topic suitability, and remove submitted urls that are not health related.

When adding urls, any web site that has porn or gambling involved will be automatically screened and rejected.

If you add a url that is obviously off topic - like real estate or autos, when we manually review, we will delete the added link without informing you. So if you don't comply with topic relavency, you will be giving us a one way link eventually.

If your url is definitely health related, but you want to suggest another topic to put it under, you can also do that below. I am more than happy to add more health topics to give my visitors a better experience.

We have NO intention to ever delete a genuine on topic link, an email will be sent to you automatically should this happen - please get back to us though, as removing such a link was done in error.

Please Take care with your Reciprocal url pages: Two important points about link pages when you add url's into them

Please be aware, that when creating link pages, that each link page should be topic focused, so that search engines will see them, and your reciprocal url partners, as meaningful to your visitors.

Another common mistake that web owners make is to forget about the meta tags and title tag in the head code of the links page - this is really important, as having duplicated title and or duplicated meta tags can not only devalue the reciprocal link pages, it can lead to having your site - your whole site - devalued by search engines. The search engines see it as a form of spamming. So please take care of your link pages and see them as an integral part of your site. You work hard for your links, so look after them well.

Want to change your added url details?

You are able to come back and change the url and description added into our directory at any time, as well as add other health related urls, at any time. You just log in to do so. It's that simple.

Step 3 - Add Url

Fill out the reciprocal linking form below to add your url. Our script will immediately submit your link to us and we will add your url into our directory pages "IF" and only IF the reciprocal link back to our site can be found on a url on your domain. Our search engine spider will immediately crawl your site to verify the reciprocal link is in place. If you added our url correctly, your link will be submitted to us.

Why is an email address asked for when adding url?

1... You can be contacted if your url requires altering.

2... You can be contacted if your url is deleted.

3... If you forget your login details, the software can send the details to you.

4... The only other time I might use your email address, is to send you details of a directory I may have placed on another of my sites, that you may want to add your url to. Your email address is NOT sold, nor exchanged, nor given away.

and, Thank You for adding your url !

and you are invited to add other health related urls if you have any more to add.

All the best in your link building campaign.

Kind Regards,


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