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Cholesterol levels managed without harsh drugs.

Lower cholesterol naturally with low cholesterol foods

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Michael T. Sapko, M.D., Ph.D.,Trained as a Doctor, but preferred writing more. Excellent that he chose to write for www.CholesterolCholestrol.com too!
Loni Ice, (CphT), Certified Pharmacy Technician - the one behind the counter you ask for help from with your cholesterol medication and drugs. Strong interest in healing herbs.
Chris Urquhart, Student, studying for a social work degree. Has a passion for medical and veterinarian history and provides back up support. Not yet qualified to write for CholesterolCholestrol.com, but very useful indeed.
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Natural, Cholesterol Supplements

Over the years I have discovered there are many ways, such as alternative cholesterol supplements, that can help sustain normal and healthy cholesterol levels.

I also came to realize that people, such as yourself, wanted safer alternative cholesterol supplements to the main stream cholesterol drugs that carry a myriad of adverse side effects. Side effects ranging from a simple head ache to life threatening muscle destruction.

It isn't always an easy step to take, but initially at least the doctor will normally advise about losing weight - if you are over weight - and also to get more exercise if you are lacking in that area; this is normally a good time to try out alternative cholesterol supplements, as after a while the insistance on the use of a cholesterol drug can appear should diet and exercise not remedy your high cholesterol.

One alternative product jumps to mind. It is called Lipi-Rite. A short, brief summary of what you can expect Lipi-Rite may help you with:

  1. Your heart: If your heart and so on are in good health, then Lipi_rite can help keep the dangerous ldl cholesterol in check and help keep it in the normal range by its action on helping to reduce ldl cholesterol oxidation.
  2. Cardiovascular health: Lipi-Rite can help protect your blood vessel walls by helping to minimize the effect of free radical damage upon them.
  3. Antioxidant protection: The strong antioxidant features of several of the ingredients, helps to explain the the way Lipi-Rite helps to combat the free radical damage of blood vessels.
  4. Nervous system health: Can help support proper nervous system function.
  5. Immunity: Lipi-Rite can help promote a healthy immune system.


And now the more detailed analysis of this cutting edge supplement:

Lipi-Rite is an interesting, natural, alternative cholesterol supplement that comes from Xtend-Life Holdings Ltd.

Lipi-Rite uses customer testimonials to show how the product works and there are an enormous numbers of testimonials asserting Lipi-Rite works. 

A bottle of Lipi-Riteorder Lipi-Rite

This cholesterol/triglycerides supplement appears to start working quickly, with the full effect taking about 12 months to attain maximum benefits and this cholesterol supplement appears safe to just keep using thereafter to retain the acheivements made.

If you are already on an FDA approved cholesterol drug, then you know the importance of regular blood tests to make sure the medication is working and keeps working for you. Therefore I suggest if you are going to use Lipi-Rite for cholesterol support, do so for for three months, and then have a blood test and see if you are happy with the help it is providing you with; and to have the cholesterol tests on a regular basis. Unlike the cholesterol drugs though, Lipi-Rite has a 12 month money back guarantee - so if you are not happy with it, you can get your money back.

In fact, the Lipi-Rite company, xtend-life, has made its core business as supporting longer and healthier lives.

Lipi-Rite has my interest because I'm told customers are very happy with their products and keep coming back for more, and amazingly - I have certainly found repeat orders occuring, which tells me there is a fair bit of trust in Lipi-Rite. I stopped selling the other cholesterol supplments on this page, as sales of them were quite low and the repeat orders were almost non-existant.

order Lipi_rite

How does the Lipi-Rite cholesterol supplement work?

The 11 active ingredients in this cholesterol supplement include: Policosanol, Beta Sitosterol, Theaflavin, Chromium Polynicotinate, L-Selenomethionine, Inositol Hexaphosphate, Oryzanol Rice Bran Oil, D-Limonene Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Lecithin Oil and Vitamin E Oil

  • Policosanol works for many people.  The vast majority of research on Policosanol supports this.

  • Beta Sitosterol is a plant sterol - and helps support healthy cholesterol levels - in fact the expensive margarines will somethimes have this added to it, and make strong claims about its effects on cholesterol and supporting cardiovascular health.

  • Theaflavin appears good for helping with cholesterol.

  • Chromium Polynicotinate - Chromium is good for Cholesterol and Triglycerides.  It is also good with Diabetes, Hypoglycemia and Metabolic Syndrome.  A minor player with Weight, Fatique and Depression.

  • Selenomethionine is a form of selenium.  It has been found useful in many different and varied conditions, particularly if a deficiency in this mineral exists.  It may help with Artherosclerosis and Heart Attack, and may have some use for Cardiac Arrhythmia and Cardiomyopathy too it seems.

  • Inositol Hexanicotinate - also known as flush free niacin - has been found helpful for Anxiety and Depression. High Anxiety is considered to be one of the possible precursors to cardiovascular disease

  • Oryzanol Rice Bran Oil is an antioxidant and therefore is believed to help support the cardiovascular system.

  • D-Limonene Oil is a citrus rind oil, typically from orange rind.  It is more commonly used as a cleaning agent around the home or factory. It may help regulate cholesterol levels and assist with gallstones.  I know very little about this ingredient

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil may help with Arteriosclerosis.

  • Lecithin Oil Offers help with Homocysteine levels and helps ( a minor player) cholesterol levels

  • and Vitamin E Oil is an antioxidant which research has shown to have beneficial effects in regulating cardio-vascular risk - stroke/heart attack.

Pricing and guarantee of this cholesterol supplement

Lipi-Rite is one of the slightly higher priced alternative cholesterol supplements. The higher price apparently due to the costly ingredients used.  The price is around $40 per month, but depends on your currencies exchange rate with New Zealand. They offer free shipping with orders over $60NZ and a 10% discount if you sign up for regular shipments under their loyalty program, which also means you shouldn't have to worry about running out of it. A great idea that.

They sell lots of other life helping products, so you may want to look round their web site when you visit it.

It comes with a 1 year customer satisfaction money back guarantee.

Where you can buy Lipi-Rite and read moreCholesterol Supplement with our tick of approval

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Don't want to risk the side effects of harsh medications?

Lipi-Rite may be what you want.

Lipi-Rite is Safe, Natural, and Convenient and

  • Can help support a healthy cholesterol profile

  • And help support cardio-vascular health

Helps regulate and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.


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